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opeland International offers Rebuilt Allison transmissions from the CRT 3000 to the CLT 5860, and other used parts including a parts inventory search.

A custom Bootstrap Responsive Drupal website featuring products & services.

Drupal 6 to 7 upgrade with SEO & Meta Tags retention. New Responsive layout exactly like previous Drupal 6 layout.



We had a great experience using PointClix to upgrade our existing Drupal 6 website core to Drupal 7. The project included them redoing our bootstrap to a custom one, upgraded our site to a more responsive layout while retaining our page layout. Additionally they retained all of our Metadata, Data, Links and URLS. PointClix staff set the expectations, delivered the services and we will be using them from now on for our Drupal Development. It’s a pleasure dealing with professionals who do what they say.

I would highly recommend PointClix!
- Dave Bosco, Sales/Marketing Manager of Copeland International, Inc.

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